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Turkish Lira and Egyptian Pound Fall Out of Favour with Brits

british holiday makers boycot turkey and egypt
A report released today by Asda Money confirms the content of my blog post Turkey – Tourists Stay Away as Predicted that Turkey has fallen out of favour with Brits due to their involvement in the war in Syria and the potential threat of terrorism in Turkey aimed at tourist. Asda Travel Money data revealed that demand for the Turkish Lira from British holiday makers has fallen a massive 68% and another currency, the Egyptian Pound, has taken a hit as well with data reporting a fall in demand of Read more

Turkey – Tourists Stay Away as Predicted

  In a blog post I made in November 2015 " Is the Turkish Lira and Tourism about to Tank?" it warned of a threat to their tourism industry from the Turkish leaders actions in Syria.  In recent months Turkey has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks carried out by the Kurdish rebels and Isis which has had a direct impact on future tourist numbers visiting Turkey. The holiday company TUI Group, owners of Thomson and First Choice brands, stated yesterday that Europeans were shunning Turkish Read more

Selling a Property in Turkey? Don’t Price it in Turkish Lira or Euros.

Advise to UK based sellers. I recently sold my property inTurkey but made the mistake of allowing the buyer to make an offer in Euros. When it came to completion, I had lost over £2,000 off the sale price due to currency fluctuations between the Turkish Lira, Euro and GB Pounds. Let me explain further: The Turkish buyer made an offer in Euros which I accepted. Completion was set for two weeks after the offer was made. When it came to completion the buyer wanted to pay in Turkish Lira using the Read more

Is the Turkish Lira and Tourism about to Tank?

Yesterday's  news that Turkey had shot down a Su-24 Russian fighter jet has shocked the world. My thoughts were nothing short of "what a silly thing for Turkey to do". President Putin warned Turkey of serious  consequences adding : "Our pilots and our plane never threatened Turkey in any way - this was an obvious fact. "They were conducting an operation to fight ISIS". "Today's loss is a stab in the back by accomplices of terrorists and today's tragic event will have serious consequences for Read more

Turkish Lira Taking a Battering Against the UK Pound

The Turkish Lira exchange rate weakened against the Uk Pound for third day running this week. For example, if you were holding £50,000 in Lira on Monday it would now be worth just over £48,000, a huge drop and squeaky bum time for investors. The above is due to tomorrows general election (7th June 2015) where its rumored the ruling AK Party will loose its majority resulting in a coalition party being formed. “In this high-stakes election, it all hinges on the HDP. The AKP has been dominant Read more

BUSINESS IS PLEASURE : Hotels Cater to Travellers Mixing Work and Play

This year we’ll see an increasingly blurred line between business and leisure travel, according to travel intelligence website The rise of the, albeit unfortunately termed, “bleisure” traveller is being embraced by those realising they can now kill two birds with one stone – take the opportunity for a bit of sightseeing whilst overseas for work. The trend is only possible due to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. According to a survey by Pullman hotels, 43% of travellers Read more

Welcome to the Fishing Village of Kalkan

Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline is dotted with destinations that have long been the choice of Brits in search of package holidays with guaranteed sunshine, but nestled amongst the tourist ready towns and resorts is the old fishing village of Kalkan. Situated on the south-western tip of Turkey, 75 miles east of Dalaman airport, Kalkan has been building a reputation as a cultural and fashionable holiday choice for some of the 2.5 million British tourists who visit this part of the world each year. Unlike Read more

A Tourist Friendly Guide to Turkey

Heading to Turkey on vacation this year? Fast becoming one of the world’s top destinations in Europe, Turkey has a thriving tourist scene that caters for all types of holidaymakers. Five star luxury resorts boasting decadent spas, private yoga sessions and all inclusive scuba diving packages, rub shoulders with low budget hotels and self-catering apartments to provide every traveller with their ideal choice of accommodation. But while Turkey has bent over backwards to become truly tourist friendly, Read more