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Investors are more concerned about Donald Trump being elected than “Brexit”

GB POUND Another good start to the week for the pound as investors are more concerned about Donald Trump being elected than “Brexit”. Sterling started the week trading at 1.1599 against the Euro, and 1.2500 against the US Dollar. The inflation rate in the UK decreased in October, the consumer price index posted a result of 0.9% in October, down from 1.0% in September, the markets reacted to this news and the pound fell 1.2% against the euro, and 0.84% against the US dollar. On Tuesday Mark Read more

Roll on 5th December “Brexit” Court Ruling – we need Stability!

GB POUNDA strong start to the week for the pound as it started the week trading at 1.1230 against the Euro, and 1.2415 against the US Dollar. The recent upsurge in the pound’s strength has been the upcoming US election, and also the recent ruling that the triggering of article 50 must be subject to a parliamentary vote. The supreme court has set a date of the 5th of December for the “Brexit” court ruling appeal. The appeal will be held in New York and is expected to last four days. Nicola Read more

The UK Currently has an Aa1 Credit Rating but for how Much Longer?

GB POUNDThe pound started the week on the back foot again, trading at 1.1120 against the Euro, and 1.2183 against the US Dollar. Theresa May publicly backed Mark Carney ahead of their meeting on Monday. The Prime minister’s spokesperson told reporters that;“The PM has been clear in her support for the governor, the work he is doing for the country. It is clearly a decision for him, but the PM would certainly be supportive of him going on beyond his five years. The PM has always had a good working Read more

The Pound has Finally Started to Recover

uk pounds
GB POUNDThe pound has finally started to recover after a difficult few weeks, it started the week trading at 1.1243 against the Euro, and 1.2241 against the US Dollar. On Tuesday the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney faced the House of Lords economic committee for a questions and answers session. Carney has previously come under fire from Theresa May who said that there had been “bad side effects” due to the BOE’s policies. When asked by the committee if high-level interference Read more