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Post Office Travel Money Sale Dates

Post Office Flash Sale on Euros, US Dollars. The Post Office will be running a flash sale on the following dates: Offer details: 8am 4th May – ongoing - Improved rates on Euros and  US Dollars. Please note the above sale does not apply to high street branch walk in purchases. Buy online in order to get the improved sale rates. Related posts: The Post Office Euro Sale Non Event Read more

The Post Office Euro Sale Non Event

Post Office Flash Sale
  Nothing to see here....move along.... Once again the Post Office announces one of it's frequent spectacular flash travel money sales starting today 9th March ending Friday 11th March. The currencies on special offer are the Euro and the US Dollar. Here are some Post Office stats taken from our Travel Money comparison table. Exchanging £500 into Euros buys you 633 Euros and USA Dollars for the same amount buys you 695.20 Dollars. The Post Office lies in second place in our table for both Read more