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Greece’s Great Big Fat Ponzi Scheme

Greece's Ponzi Scheme
Will they, wont they default?  We'll find out soon.... I don't know about you but I'm fed up of hearing about Greece financial situation. The fact is, the politicians have brought this upon themselves by not bringing in tax owed and borrowing too much in the first place. Now here's the situation they find themselves in:1. Greece needed a bailout in order to pay their way. 2. In two weeks time (end of June) they need to make a loan repayment to the IMF of 1.6 billion Euros. 3. In order to make Read more

Turkish Lira Taking a Battering Against the UK Pound

The Turkish Lira exchange rate weakened against the Uk Pound for third day running this week. For example, if you were holding £50,000 in Lira on Monday it would now be worth just over £48,000, a huge drop and squeaky bum time for investors. The above is due to tomorrows general election (7th June 2015) where its rumored the ruling AK Party will loose its majority resulting in a coalition party being formed. “In this high-stakes election, it all hinges on the HDP. The AKP has been dominant Read more