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fcexchange-blog Currency News Update Posted on Thursday 20th October, 2016
GB POUND The pound is still struggling to recover from Friday’s “flash crash”. It started the week trading at 1.1109 against the Euro, and 1.2420 against the US dollar. The sharp losses last week were attributed to ministers at the Conservative party conference signalling they would favour the “hard Brexit” option for leaving the EU, this would mean Britain would sacrifice access to the single market in return for stricter control on immigration. Many experts fear this would cripple the

fcexchange-blog Market Update Posted on Thursday 13th October, 2016
GB POUNDThe pound came under pressure straight away on Monday off the back of comments from European Union policy makers, who suggest that Britain will be denied access to the single market unless it agrees to the freedom of movement and labour. Such a move could see other EU markets taking away talent and investment from the UK financial sector. This is worrying for the UK as financial services account for a large portion of GDP.British building supplies firm Wolseley announced today that it is