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Air Canada In The Dog House

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Larry, an Italian Greyhound dog, was being flown by Air Canada from California to Vancouver in October. At the airport in San Francisco, against the owner’s wishes, he was let out of his cage. He went walkies and disappeared somewhere in the airport: airline staff could not find him. His fate was not known for most of the month, until three weeks later, when the worst was confirmed: he had been hit and killed by a vehicle on a nearby highway. It is a sad story, but unwittingly Air Canada turned Read more

A Survival Guide to Canada: Staying Safe in the Wild

Individually, it’s one of the world’s largest countries, reaching well over 9.9m km squared and covering vast tracts of land that most sane humans would consider uninhabitable. Its lower reaches graze the American border in a series of vastly populated cities that make up for the almost non-existent population numbers elsewhere, and if you travel to its inhospitable northern shores, you could be forgiven for thinking you were steps away from the North Pole. With blisteringly cold winters contrasted Read more