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‘All-Inclusive Holidays’ may not Always be a Good Choice

all inclusive holiday packages
  The pound is pretty weak against competing currencies such as the Euro right now, which is causing concern for holidaymakers. More and more Brits are opting for ‘staycations’  within these shores, but let’s be honest – you deserve some sunshine this summer. While the unpredictable nature of the British climate can be charming and provides a never-ending supply of small talk with strangers, the temptation to jet off to warmer climes is ever-present.This begs the question as to how Read more

Will holidays Abroad Cost Brits More in 2017?

Will holidays Abroad Cost Brits More in 2017
After the shock vote of Brexit, the British pound plummeted and caused anyone travelling on holiday last summer to find that it cost them far more than they expected. It was further compounded by certain countries refusing to accept British currency, due to the vulnerability of the exchange rate. Is this going to continue? It is not just about the money, there are several factors that are making this year a bumper year for the Brits to holiday at home. The pound rallied once the dust had settled, Read more

The Dangers of Using an ATM Abroad

Atm machine safety
We are constantly reminded by our major finance institutions to be careful whenusing ATM’s in the UK. Whilst security precautions are stringent here, this is notalways the case when you travel to far flung destinations. Generally speaking,Europe is equally as vigilant with as many anti-theft devices installed and CCTV (thatis a little like shutting the door after the horse has bolted – once your money is taken,it’s taken), but problems still occur. Thieves become more ingenious by the day, Read more

Staying Safe Abroad

Overseas travel can be a fantastic, mind-expanding experience, but it can also be dangerous. An element of complacency creeps into all of our everyday lives when at home as we tend to know our surroundings intimately – we're aware of which roads to avoid alone late at night, how to safely negotiate the streets via private or public transport, and where to go whenever any kind of unexpected situation may arise. It's rare that we'll able to say the same whilst on holiday, however, so what should Read more

Sterling Undervalued as a Result of the Upcoming Referendum

  GB Pound Sterling continued its good run of form last week making solid gains against the euro and US dollar after an opinion poll showed a strong lead for the ‘Bremain’ camp. Despite the UK missing its second quarter GDP forecast, showing growth of 2% against the estimated 2.1%, the reaction was muted and did not stop sterling delivering gains of 1.7% and 1.0% against the euro and dollar respectively. The bank holiday caused a slow start to the week for the UK however, with many experts Read more

International Currency Exchange ICE bought by HNA Group

Ice - International Currency Exchange
ICE International Currency Exchange has been bought by Chinese conglomerate HNA Group for an undisclosed sum. London based ICE was founded in 1973 and is one of the worlds largest travel money and overseas money transfer providers with a network of over 350 branches and bureaux in 70 airports and multiple other locations in 19 countries. The owners of ICE, Lenlyn Holdings Limited , has a turnover  in excess of 1 billion pounds in currency annually. HNA Tourism will take over the running of the Read more

International Money Transfer Guide for Pensions

transferring your pension overseas the money saving correct way
  More and more pensioners are choosing to retire abroad, yet many will have lost money when transferring their pension overseas, because they did not use a foreign exchange broker. Whether living abroad and receiving a pension or thinking of moving your pension pot overseas, it is important that you speak to a foreign exchange broker, who can provide jargon-free step by step guidance. Foreign Exchange specialists can help maximise your international pension transfers. They will make the transfer Read more