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Are Brits Heading for a 2017 Staycation due to the Weak Pound?

  Article 50 has been triggered, and unless the UK undergoes a drastic change of leadership following the June 8th General Election, Brexit will become a reality. Many Britons are already feeling the effects of the UK’s departure from the EU thanks to the falling value of the pound against such global currencies as the Euro and the US dollar, but what impact is that having on our day-to-day spending habits? The value of the British pound has dropped roughly 15% lower than that of the US Read more

Sentosa Island: Singapore’s Favourite Playground

In Florida it’s the Magic Kingdom, Californian’s head to Universal Studios, and the French get their thrills at Disneyland Paris. From Alton Towers in the UK to the towering lights of the Las Vegas strip, our need for fun, thrills and spills is tangible and not exactly limited by choice. Take Singaporeans for example. Their tiny island city is a built-up maze of high rise office towers, glitzy malls and crowded streets. There’s barely enough room to bow politely on famous Orchard Road, let Read more