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ABTA’s Travel Trends Report Reveals hot tips for Holidays this Year

  Abta's 10 Destinations to watch in 2014 Brazil This one had to be in there for one major event – the World Cup is being hosted there this summer. Revellers will likely want to head straight for Rio de Janeiro where many of the matches – and after parties – will take place. Visitors looking to make the most of their visit will be checking out major tourist sights such as the spectacular Sugar Loaf Mountain and iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Gain Brazilian Real Read more

Animal Poo Coffee, Anyone?

Asian Palm Civet
One of the most interesting aspects of travelling is tasting the myriad unusual food and beverage options available to the brave, curious, or just plain crazy. Most of the weird and wonderful cuisine I’ve tried over the years has involved the ingestion of animals or animal products that I wouldn’t expect to see on my everyday dinner plate, so vegetarians beware, this blog might not be the most enjoyable 900 words you’ve ever read! Llama With a Side of Tears- Bolivia I’ve always been ‘vegetarian-leaning’ Read more

Festival fun Around the World

Rio Carnival- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Are you spoiled for choice about where and when to go on your next adventure? To narrow down your options you might want to think about wild and wonderful world events you've always wanted to be a part of. Ever imagined yourself with a caiprinha in one hand and your camera in another shaking your rear to the samba beats at Rio’s Carnival? Or had an image of yourself enveloped by a chalky colourful cloud at India's Holi Festival? Timing your trip to a country or region to coincide with a major festival Read more

Confessions From The Black Market of Argentina

To state the very obvious, here I am, writing a blog on Currency Today. This website is all about using a quick, efficient, and easy way of buying foreign currency online, at the best rate, legally and transparently, while helping a charitable cause. It is a fantastic proposition. But at the risk of being seen as an eccentric, I have to say that slow, inefficient, illegal, and insanely complicated ways of buying foreign currency have a certain exotic attraction. I know, because I confess I’ve used Read more

A South Africa Lesson For Brazil In 2014?

There’s a degree of nervousness in Brazil as it prepares to host the 2014 World Cup. Not sporting nervousness – that’s normal, even though everyone knows the country has a magnificent football record. The question is whether all the investment in new stadiums and transport infrastructure and publicity is going to pay off.  It was also asked about the 2012 London Olympics. They left Britain with a strong feel-good effect, but did they ‘pay for themselves’ in pounds and pence? It may Read more