Monthly Archives: February 2016

Pound Sees Sharp Drop Against the Euro and US Dollar

I keep banging on about this but I'll state it again, currency traders don't like uncertainty and uncertainty is all in the news today.  Today's best Euro rate stands at around 1.259 and today's best US Dollar rate is at a 7 year low at 1.397 both for travel money purchases. So what has happened in the last 3 days to cause this drop in value?First of all David Cameron announced a breakthrough in the negotiations with the European Union, but his proposed deal failed to impress the Euro sceptics. Read more

Brexit Fear Weakens Pound Euro Exchange Rate

Just so your all informed Brexit = Britains possible exit from the European Union. Personally I hate the way they abreiviate something that's so important to UK residents and the whole of the Eurozone, that is, the vote that will determine if the UK is in or out of the EU. Hopefully this will go ahead sooner rather than later. (Update - June 23rd this year). The problem for the Pound to Euro exchange rate is the uncertainty of which way the vote will go, it's hurting the value of the Pound. Today Read more

High Street Travel Money Euro Rates Verses Online Rates

Find today's the best Euro exchange rates on the high street
  When Buying Euros Will I Get a Better Rate  Online or on the High Street? It's a fact that it can be cheaper to buy Euros online and have it delivered to your door than it is to visit your high street and  buy as a walk in customer. Many of our customers who buy online for home delivery, tell us that having to wait in for the postman to arrive on the day specified when they ordered their Euros is a real negative. If they are not there when they deliver they then have to trudge to the main Read more