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Is the Turkish Lira and Tourism about to Tank?

Yesterday's  news that Turkey had shot down a Su-24 Russian fighter jet has shocked the world. My thoughts were nothing short of "what a silly thing for Turkey to do". President Putin warned Turkey of serious  consequences adding : "Our pilots and our plane never threatened Turkey in any way - this was an obvious fact. "They were conducting an operation to fight ISIS". "Today's loss is a stab in the back by accomplices of terrorists and today's tragic event will have serious consequences for Read more

Today’s Best Euro Rates

  Today's Best Rate Figures Taken from our Trusted Currency Rate Calculators: Today's Best Euro Travel Money Rate  offered by London based Covent Garden FX £1000 buys 1,401 Euros at a rate of 1.4015. Bank to Bank Overseas Payment / Money Transfers Rate Best rate offered by Moneycorp - £10,000 buys 14,126 Euros at a rate of 1.4126 Euro News  Mario Draghi,  President of the European Central Bank, said at the 25th Frankfurt European Banking Congress:   "the ECB’s monetary policy Read more