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Pre-paid Travel Cards

With the possible exception of losing your passport, the one thing that every traveller fears most is misplacing their stash of pounds or local currency. Having carefully weighed up the exchange rates before heading to the airport and handing over our hard-earned in exchange for a fistful of what looks suspiciously like Monopoly money to the untrained eye, we have to guard these notes carefully, lest we end up paying the unwelcome charges that accompany cash withdrawals overseas. There are always Read more

The Dangers of Using an ATM Abroad

Atm machine safety
We are constantly reminded by our major finance institutions to be careful whenusing ATM’s in the UK. Whilst security precautions are stringent here, this is notalways the case when you travel to far flung destinations. Generally speaking,Europe is equally as vigilant with as many anti-theft devices installed and CCTV (thatis a little like shutting the door after the horse has bolted – once your money is taken,it’s taken), but problems still occur. Thieves become more ingenious by the day, Read more

Best Place to Buy Euros at Best Rate

brexit currency calculator
By far the Best Place to Buy Euros at the very best Pound to Euro rate can be found online. The reason for this is there are many small independent online only travel money brokers who have lower overheads due to them not having to fund multiple retail outlets. They operate from perhaps small office spaces using a website as their online shop. This gives them an advantage over the multi outlet big brand holiday money brokers which allows them to trade with minimal costs and pass this saving on to Read more

Weswap Travel Money Card Revolutionising the Way we Buy Holiday Money

Weswap Travel Money Card
First there were travellers cheques, then came the cash internet brokers, now there is a new cheaper way to get your holiday money. Introducing the Weswap pre-pay travel card that's revolutionising the travel money industry.... Exclusive Offer for Currency Today Visitors - Get £10 Free on Your first £50 Card Load   The truth is – it’s hard to know when you’re getting a good deal on your travel money. Banks, supermarkets and other FX providers charge fees and commissions that not only Read more