Is the Turkish Lira and Tourism about to Tank?

Yesterday's  news that Turkey had shot down a Su-24 Russian fighter jet has shocked the world. My thoughts were nothing short of "what a silly thing for Turkey to do".

President Putin warned Turkey of serious  consequences adding :

"Our pilots and our plane never threatened Turkey in any way - this was an obvious fact. "They were conducting an operation to fight ISIS".

"Today's loss is a stab in the back by accomplices of terrorists and today's tragic event will have serious consequences for Russian - Turkish relations."

Mr Putin hit back further stating "We have always treated Turkey not only as a close neighbour but as a friendly state."

The possible threat to Turkish tourism industry and the economy regarding "serious consequences for Russian - Turkish relations."

Russian Foreign Minister Mr Lavrov has aready advised Russians not to visit Turkey and Russia's tourism agency followed this by recommending the suspension of package holidays to Turkey.  Given that in 2014 around 4.4 million Russians visited Turkey, if the advice above is taken on board by Russian citizens this could be a very serious blow to turkey's tourism industry as well as its economy.

Other facts:

  • Four percent of Turkey's exports go to Russia worth about 6 billion US Dollars.
  • Russia supplies oil toTurkey.
  • Turkey buys a large amount of steel from Russia.

Clearly from the above facts, Russia has the tools to hurt Turkey's economy including the value of the Turkish Lira if they choose to do so.

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 Update 30/11/2015
Russia announce santions against Turkey to include a ban on Russian Tourists visiting the country.  Other sanctions include restrictions on Turkish workers and Turkish import restrictions -

Whats proping up the strengh of the Turkish Lira?
3 billion Euros offered to Turkey to help with the refugee crisis and a dangled carrot to accession to the European Union.

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