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Turkish Lira and Egyptian Pound Fall Out of Favour with Brits

british holiday makers boycot turkey and egypt
A report released today by Asda Money confirms the content of my blog post Turkey – Tourists Stay Away as Predicted that Turkey has fallen out of favour with Brits due to their involvement in the war in Syria and the potential threat of terrorism in Turkey aimed at tourist. Asda Travel Money data revealed that demand for the Turkish Lira from British holiday makers has fallen a massive 68% and another currency, the Egyptian Pound, has taken a hit as well with data reporting a fall in demand of Read more

Managing Risk: Travelling in Thailand, Egypt and Ukraine

In the last few days the political situation in Thailand has been difficult. A long-standing conflict between the mainly rural ‘yellow shirts’ – supporters of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, and the mainly urban ‘red shirts’ – who violently oppose her, has come to a head. There have been mass demonstrations and tense stand-offs with the police in Bangkok, spreading as far as the resort town of Phuket. This is not new to the country: in 2008 a similar situation forced the closure of Read more

Should I go on Holiday to Egypt?

As of 19th September 2013 In the news recently you will have discerned that Egypt is a nation in profound political turmoil and thus a potentially dangerous travel destination for Westerners, or anyone for that matter! Nonetheless, Egypt is a country that continues to intrigue and beguile travellers from all walks of life, so it’s truly a difficult decision to strike the land of the ancient pharaohs from the keen adventurer’s travel itinerary. I think we can safely say that the likes of Syria Read more