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International Money Transfer Guide for Pensions

transferring your pension overseas the money saving correct way
  More and more pensioners are choosing to retire abroad, yet many will have lost money when transferring their pension overseas, because they did not use a foreign exchange broker. Whether living abroad and receiving a pension or thinking of moving your pension pot overseas, it is important that you speak to a foreign exchange broker, who can provide jargon-free step by step guidance. Foreign Exchange specialists can help maximise your international pension transfers. They will make the transfer Read more

Currency Exchange Corporation Bought by Fexco

Irish based company Fexco purchases London based foreign exchange services provider Currency Exchange Corporation. This will see them grow their own retail arm No1Currency number of outlets across the UK to 110 branches by the end of 2016. Founder of CEC Mike Cooke will continue to work with Fexco and commented "I greatly look forward to working with the team from FEXCO as part of this exciting venture." Managing director of foreign exchange services at FEXCO Joe Redmond stated "The UK foreign Read more

The Post Office Euro Sale Non Event

Post Office Flash Sale
  Nothing to see here....move along.... Once again the Post Office announces one of it's frequent spectacular flash travel money sales starting today 9th March ending Friday 11th March. The currencies on special offer are the Euro and the US Dollar. Here are some Post Office stats taken from our Travel Money comparison table. Exchanging £500 into Euros buys you 633 Euros and USA Dollars for the same amount buys you 695.20 Dollars. The Post Office lies in second place in our table for both Read more

Best Euro Exchange Rate Today

Ice - International Currency Exchange
  The Best Euro Rate Today offered in our Compare Travel Money Rates table goes to International Currency Exchange (I.C.E).  ICE are consistantly the best performing travel money supplier when it come to Euro rates, earning themselves throughout the past week our "Best Rate" red banner at the top of the rates comparison table. Today's Best Euro Rate offered by ICE From our rates table as at 05/03/2016 - £750 will buy you 954.08 Euros from ICE with free home delivery and the option to Read more

Pound to South African Rand Best Exchange Rate

South African Rand notes
This time last year the Pound to South African Rand interbank rate stood at 17.98, today its at 22.00 a  22% increase in travel money for the lucky ones that intend to holiday there. Today's  Best South African Rand home delivery exchange rate is offered by Travel FX at 21.5200. £750 buy's you £16,140 Rand. (2nd March 2016) However those brits who intend to travel to a Eurozone holiday destination will find they have less to spend this year due to currency fluctuations between the Pound and Read more

Could the Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Reach Parity?

Could the Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Reach Parity?
Parity means one UK Pound buys one Euro, but is it possible for the Pound to Euro exchange  Rate to reach parity before the UK  summer holidays begin in 2016? Yes it could happen if the vote for the UK to remain or leave the European Union goes in favour of the leave campaign.  The vote takes place on Thursday 23rd June and on the 24th June the Pound to Euro exchange rate will either increase in the Pounds favour or fall depending on who wins the vote, those who choose to leave or those that Read more