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5 Peer to Peer Platforms Enhancing Travel

  DARE TO SHARE - 5 Peer to Peer Platforms Enhancing Travel   Meal Sharing Travelling alone? Then Meal Sharing could be a great way to meet local people. Simply enter your location into the site’s search engine, and request to be hosted by one of the people listed. As well as a bit of company, you’ll get an insight into day-to-day life as well as a taste of home cooked cuisine. Dietary preferences are even flagged, so you can find hosts who cook according to your tastes – look Read more

Animal Poo Coffee, Anyone?

Asian Palm Civet
One of the most interesting aspects of travelling is tasting the myriad unusual food and beverage options available to the brave, curious, or just plain crazy. Most of the weird and wonderful cuisine I’ve tried over the years has involved the ingestion of animals or animal products that I wouldn’t expect to see on my everyday dinner plate, so vegetarians beware, this blog might not be the most enjoyable 900 words you’ve ever read! Llama With a Side of Tears- Bolivia I’ve always been ‘vegetarian-leaning’ Read more

5 Taxi Tours, Usa, London, Germany, Philippines and Japan

London taxi tours
Because no one knows a place like a local cabbie… FAMOUS FAT DAVE, US Fat Dave, as you might have gathered, is pretty famous for his taxi tours of New York – he’s managed to get his face on media outlets from the BBC to the History Channel, and has even been praised by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. What makes Dave’s tours so unique is the culinary element – he’s not just a cabbie, but also has experience as a cheese monger, food writer, hot dog vendor and bread truck driver. He’s Read more

A Guide to the Sunshine Coast, not Just Noosa.

Ettamogah Pub Sunshine Coast
Beautiful Noosa is a world famous destination that could claim to be the unofficial capital of the Sunshine Coast. It’s a stunning beach haven for wealthy international tourists, backpacking travellers and escapees from the colder climes of the southern states of Australia. The kilometres of pristine beach, Noosa National Park and the shopping and fine dining of Hastings Street draw the crowds to this breathtaking part of the world. But revelling in the natural wonders and urban hustle and bustle Read more

Festival fun Around the World

Rio Carnival- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Are you spoiled for choice about where and when to go on your next adventure? To narrow down your options you might want to think about wild and wonderful world events you've always wanted to be a part of. Ever imagined yourself with a caiprinha in one hand and your camera in another shaking your rear to the samba beats at Rio’s Carnival? Or had an image of yourself enveloped by a chalky colourful cloud at India's Holi Festival? Timing your trip to a country or region to coincide with a major festival Read more

Five Iconic Trips Still Worth Taking

  The Top Tourist Traps you’d be Mad not to Visit.   ANGKOR, CAMBODIA  This ancient Cambodian temple complex – the largest religious monument in the world spread over 400 km2 – was once an adventure traveller’s mecca. The crumbling temples of the Khmer Empire, some of their stone foundations entwined with great tree roots, had an otherworldly quality. They beckoned visitors to get lost among them and enjoy special moments of quiet contemplation – reward for having journeyed Read more

What’s happening in Detroit? Exciting Things are Going On..

If you have lived far away from the United States, it is easy to have a distant and stereotyped view of the country. I certainly did: for many years I just could not imagine the existence of poor Americans. My sloppy thought process went something like this: the US is a superpower, Americans have put a man on the moon, they have Hollywood and big industry, and they have one of the most powerful governments in the world. Plus, the only Americans I have seen are tourists who don’t look short of a Read more


Challenge yourself in 2014 with a learning holiday   Learn to paint. Italy Art teachers often claim that, whilst people have inherent natural ability, anyone can learn to paint. If you fancy giving it a go, the picturesque Adriatic Coast isn’t a bad place to start. Faced with incredible views of beaches and mountains, you won’t be short of inspiration. The Retreat, a family-run art school in Le Marche, Tuscany, offers seven to ten day courses with instruction by owner and professional Read more

Brisbane – Don’t Skip it

"Don't bother with Brisbane;  just use it as a base to get to the good stuff". This recent unsolicited advice from a fellow traveller in Singapore's Changi Airport made me think hard about the charms of Queensland's state capital, the city where I spent my university years. I admit in the past I might've agreed with this dismissive take on Brissie/Brissy/Brisvegas, but returning as a long-term expat and world traveller I would beg to differ. I think Brisbane has been dissed by the traveller's grape-vine Read more