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Fallout from Britain’s Decision to Leave the EU Continues

GB POUNDTuesday the pound weakened against most of its major currency peers as CPI data showed annual Inflation rose to 0.5% in June, an increase of 0.2% since May. Many economists were predicting 0.4%. The last time inflation was this high was November 2014 when it was 1%. The key drivers behind this figure are higher petrol prices, the rising cost of air fares and more expensive computer games. The IMF have downgraded their forecasts for global growth from 3.2% to 3.1%. The UK also downgraded Read more

Turkey – Tourists Stay Away as Predicted

  In a blog post I made in November 2015 " Is the Turkish Lira and Tourism about to Tank?" it warned of a threat to their tourism industry from the Turkish leaders actions in Syria.  In recent months Turkey has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks carried out by the Kurdish rebels and Isis which has had a direct impact on future tourist numbers visiting Turkey. The holiday company TUI Group, owners of Thomson and First Choice brands, stated yesterday that Europeans were shunning Turkish Read more

Currency Exchange Corporation Bought by Fexco

Irish based company Fexco purchases London based foreign exchange services provider Currency Exchange Corporation. This will see them grow their own retail arm No1Currency number of outlets across the UK to 110 branches by the end of 2016. Founder of CEC Mike Cooke will continue to work with Fexco and commented "I greatly look forward to working with the team from FEXCO as part of this exciting venture." Managing director of foreign exchange services at FEXCO Joe Redmond stated "The UK foreign Read more

Q3 Economic Growth Revised Downwards

UK economic growth has been revised downwards just before Christmas as the latest figures show the economy grew less strongly than previously thought for much of the year. The economy grew by 0.4% in the 3rd quarter of the year, down from its previous estimate of 0.5%. All of that has been blamed on weaker growth in the huge service sector that accounts for about three quarters of the entire economy, but it's particularily financial services that have suffered. Chief Economist Simon French stated Read more

Travel Money – Pay by Bank Transfer or Debit Card

Is it safe to buy travel money using a bank transfer
Is it Safe to Pay by Bank Transfer Rather Than Use a Credit / Debit Card? I'll answer this question with a question... Would you give a complete stranger your cash in return for a promise to pay you back in the near future? Of course you wouldn't, but that's what people are doing when purchasing, by bank transfer, travel money online. If the company they bought from goes bust the only guarantee you'll get is you have lost your money period.  Most Travel money companies do not segregate customer Read more

Keeping Your Travel Money Safe

Keep your holiday money safe tips
10 Great Tips From Around the Web.   1. USE A MONEY POUCH “The most important rule of the road is to make sure you keep your money, credit and debit cards, and passport in a money pouch at all times while you're in transit. We don't recommend carrying anything valuable in a purse, which is too easily snatched, or a backpack, which can be opened without your noticing. Even a wallet kept in your front pocket can be taken by an experienced pickpocket.” 2. CHECK Read more

Traveller’s Cheques: Have they had their day?

Pros and Cons of an old Faithful, the Traveller's Cheque   Back in the 1990’s, ordering traveller’s cheques before going away was just part of the process. Like stocking up on sunscreen or getting all the necessary jabs. To today’s traveller, used to the ease of accessing ATM’s all over the world, this convoluted form of holiday money – a fixed amount cheque that can be cashed abroad once signed and verified -- seems archaic and, perhaps even a bit annoying. Dating back to the eighteenth Read more

5 Peer to Peer Platforms Enhancing Travel

  DARE TO SHARE - 5 Peer to Peer Platforms Enhancing Travel   Meal Sharing Travelling alone? Then Meal Sharing could be a great way to meet local people. Simply enter your location into the site’s search engine, and request to be hosted by one of the people listed. As well as a bit of company, you’ll get an insight into day-to-day life as well as a taste of home cooked cuisine. Dietary preferences are even flagged, so you can find hosts who cook according to your tastes – look Read more


Challenge yourself in 2014 with a learning holiday   Learn to paint. Italy Art teachers often claim that, whilst people have inherent natural ability, anyone can learn to paint. If you fancy giving it a go, the picturesque Adriatic Coast isn’t a bad place to start. Faced with incredible views of beaches and mountains, you won’t be short of inspiration. The Retreat, a family-run art school in Le Marche, Tuscany, offers seven to ten day courses with instruction by owner and professional Read more

The Revenge Of The Travel Agents – Strong Travel Services

How do you organise your travel? In the good old days it involved someone called a travel agent. There was usually a shop on the high street with lots of holiday brochures, some big posters of tropical beaches on the walls, and a number of desks each with a smiling travel agent waiting to help you. You’d sit down, explain where you’d like to go and what your budget might be. The agent would suggest various options and prices, and tell you about special offers, usually checking availability on Read more