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Today’s Best Euro Rates

Today's best euro rate
Our historic Euro currency graph will help you find the Best Euro Rate to Ensure you buy your Euro travel money at the best Euro rate available online. In addition, If you need to sell Euros at the very best rates you will find a list of today's live up to date best Euro exchange rates for International money transfers Today's Best Euro Rates (Travel Money)   Pound to Euro [insert_php]$currency="EUR";include "../live_holiday.php";[/insert_php]   Today's Best Euro Rates for International Read more

Avoid Airports if you Want to get the Best Euro Rate

Only a couple of months ago we warned in a blog post Don’t Buy Your Euros at Cardiff Airport Following an investigation by Caxton fx on the Euro rates offered at two airports on Tuesday of this week , we can add Luton and Stanstead to the list of the worst Airports to buy Euros if not ordering them via click and collect. Caxton fx found that both Ice  (Luton Airport) and Moneycorp (Stanstead Airport) were offering a rate of below parity. Ice were offering 0.990 Euros to the Pound and Moneycorp Read more

Sterling Undervalued as a Result of the Upcoming Referendum

  GB Pound Sterling continued its good run of form last week making solid gains against the euro and US dollar after an opinion poll showed a strong lead for the ‘Bremain’ camp. Despite the UK missing its second quarter GDP forecast, showing growth of 2% against the estimated 2.1%, the reaction was muted and did not stop sterling delivering gains of 1.7% and 1.0% against the euro and dollar respectively. The bank holiday caused a slow start to the week for the UK however, with many experts Read more

International Currency Exchange ICE bought by HNA Group

Ice - International Currency Exchange
ICE International Currency Exchange has been bought by Chinese conglomerate HNA Group for an undisclosed sum. London based ICE was founded in 1973 and is one of the worlds largest travel money and overseas money transfer providers with a network of over 350 branches and bureaux in 70 airports and multiple other locations in 19 countries. The owners of ICE, Lenlyn Holdings Limited , has a turnover  in excess of 1 billion pounds in currency annually. HNA Tourism will take over the running of the Read more

Don’t Buy Your Euros at Cardiff Airport – Shock Report

Cardiff airport travel money Euro exchange rates
I came across a news story this morning that contained some shocking research carried out  by travel money broker Fairfx. Their findings show that Cardiff Airport is the worst place to buy Euros  and at Heathrow Airport the rates offered varied from terminal to terminal. These rates were collected on Tuesday 12th April by Fairfx. Cardiff Airport Euro rate offered by ForExchange bought 0.93 Euros and the US Dollar Rate  bought 1.06 US Dollars. The Top Euro Travel Money Broker Listed on Our Read more

The Post Office Euro Sale Non Event

Post Office Flash Sale
  Nothing to see here....move along.... Once again the Post Office announces one of it's frequent spectacular flash travel money sales starting today 9th March ending Friday 11th March. The currencies on special offer are the Euro and the US Dollar. Here are some Post Office stats taken from our Travel Money comparison table. Exchanging £500 into Euros buys you 633 Euros and USA Dollars for the same amount buys you 695.20 Dollars. The Post Office lies in second place in our table for both Read more

Best Euro Exchange Rate Today

Ice - International Currency Exchange
  The Best Euro Rate Today offered in our Compare Travel Money Rates table goes to International Currency Exchange (I.C.E).  ICE are consistantly the best performing travel money supplier when it come to Euro rates, earning themselves throughout the past week our "Best Rate" red banner at the top of the rates comparison table. Today's Best Euro Rate offered by ICE From our rates table as at 05/03/2016 - £750 will buy you 954.08 Euros from ICE with free home delivery and the option to Read more

Pound Sees Sharp Drop Against the Euro and US Dollar

I keep banging on about this but I'll state it again, currency traders don't like uncertainty and uncertainty is all in the news today.  Today's best Euro rate stands at around 1.259 and today's best US Dollar rate is at a 7 year low at 1.397 both for travel money purchases. So what has happened in the last 3 days to cause this drop in value?First of all David Cameron announced a breakthrough in the negotiations with the European Union, but his proposed deal failed to impress the Euro sceptics. Read more

Brexit Fear Weakens Pound Euro Exchange Rate

Just so your all informed Brexit = Britains possible exit from the European Union. Personally I hate the way they abreiviate something that's so important to UK residents and the whole of the Eurozone, that is, the vote that will determine if the UK is in or out of the EU. Hopefully this will go ahead sooner rather than later. (Update - June 23rd this year). The problem for the Pound to Euro exchange rate is the uncertainty of which way the vote will go, it's hurting the value of the Pound. Today Read more

UK Borrowing Rises – Euro Strengthens

UK Government borrowing hit 14.2 billion Pounds, up 10% on November last year. The Chancellor insists that his economic plan is working but the figures suggest otherwise. Is the Chancellor being blown off course when it comes to deficit reduction? His whole year target to April 2016 was set at 69 billion Pounds, but the above figures shows total borrowing up to November this year at 65 Billion pounds. It doesn't look like he will stay within his target budget. The treasury insists these figures Read more