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Keeping Your Travel Money Safe

Keep your holiday money safe tips
10 Great Tips From Around the Web.   1. USE A MONEY POUCH “The most important rule of the road is to make sure you keep your money, credit and debit cards, and passport in a money pouch at all times while you're in transit. We don't recommend carrying anything valuable in a purse, which is too easily snatched, or a backpack, which can be opened without your noticing. Even a wallet kept in your front pocket can be taken by an experienced pickpocket.” 2. CHECK Read more

Traveller’s Cheques: Have they had their day?

Pros and Cons of an old Faithful, the Traveller's Cheque   Back in the 1990’s, ordering traveller’s cheques before going away was just part of the process. Like stocking up on sunscreen or getting all the necessary jabs. To today’s traveller, used to the ease of accessing ATM’s all over the world, this convoluted form of holiday money – a fixed amount cheque that can be cashed abroad once signed and verified -- seems archaic and, perhaps even a bit annoying. Dating back to the eighteenth Read more

BUSINESS IS PLEASURE : Hotels Cater to Travellers Mixing Work and Play

This year we’ll see an increasingly blurred line between business and leisure travel, according to travel intelligence website The rise of the, albeit unfortunately termed, “bleisure” traveller is being embraced by those realising they can now kill two birds with one stone – take the opportunity for a bit of sightseeing whilst overseas for work. The trend is only possible due to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. According to a survey by Pullman hotels, 43% of travellers Read more

ABTA’s Travel Trends Report Reveals hot tips for Holidays this Year

  Abta's 10 Destinations to watch in 2014 Brazil This one had to be in there for one major event – the World Cup is being hosted there this summer. Revellers will likely want to head straight for Rio de Janeiro where many of the matches – and after parties – will take place. Visitors looking to make the most of their visit will be checking out major tourist sights such as the spectacular Sugar Loaf Mountain and iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Gain Brazilian Real Read more