Holiday Money Exchange Rates – Historic Euro

Holiday money exchange rates

Find Today's Holiday Money Exchange Rates including the last three months historic Pound to Euro Holiday money rates.

On the graph, hover over the data point  in order to view the exact day, date, and holiday money rate for that day collected by our intelligent robot.

On a daily basis our in house built robot checks the rates from all our travel money brokers  then pulls the best rate for that day and displays it in the historic graph below. 

Today's Best Euro Rate is collected every five minutes in real time in order to display the most up to date Pound to Euro holiday money rates available online.

If you wish to narrow down between dates to say 7 days, click and drag in the plot area and it will automatically resize to the dates you require.

Hit "reset zoom" to revert back to the three months historic rates, clever  stuff don't you agree?

Holiday Money Exchange Rates - Three months Historic Pound to Euro rates

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