How to Save Money When Transfering Currency Back to the UK

Make sure you’re not losing hundreds of pounds in the process.

Perhaps you’re moving back to be reunited with loved ones, retire in the place you grew up or are returning home for health reasons. Whatever your motivation – don’t let a poor exchange rate get in the way of a warm welcome. By bypassing the banks you could get a better deal when transferring your money back into pounds. At our experts will make sure you get the best possible deal on the market and take the worry and hassle out of transferring money online.


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Ready to fly back home? Read this first…
Not everyone realises that a few simple steps can save you hundreds of pounds when transferring cash back to the UK. Most people choose banks to arrange their currency transfers. And why not? It’s a safe, traditional route. But the truth is you might not be getting the best value for money. How you could lose out

There are many ways banks can cut into your currency before your hard-earned money even reaches your UK bank account including:
  • High charges for moving your money. Some overseas banks charge a percentage of the amount to withdraw funds. This percentage fee (as high as 1%) soon adds up even on small balances.
  • Poor exchange rates from the overseas bank transferring your money.
  • Poor exchange rates when the money lands in the UK sterling-dominated bank account. This is a particularly bad option as you have no control due to the UK receiving bank automatically converting any foreign currency at a poor exchange rate.
How we can help
Luckily, there is another way. At we’ll connect you to trusted independent currency specialists who can beat the bank’s charges and offer you a great exchange rate. Since 2006 we’ve helped thousands of people just like you save over £8 million on currency deals, including transferring money back to UK bank accounts.

Look at our case study to see how you could save:

Case study: Getting back for a grandchild

Since taking early retirement in the late nineties Mr and Mrs Robertson always loved their new life in the south of France. But that was before their first grandson was born.Skype was OK, but after six months the couple decided it was time to say goodbye to France and have a hand in bringing up this new addition to the family.

So, they sold their property for a modest profit and looked at the best ways to bring their nest egg back home. After being disappointed by the high fees and low rates offered by High Street banks a friend suggested going online, where they found They quickly secured a great Euro to Pound exchange rate and low fees from one of the carefully selected expert currency brokers on the site . By going through us they saved over £7,000. Plus, their broker showed them a way to save even more money. They chose to reserve today’s rate when transferring the money so there were no shocks due to currency fluctuation further down the line.

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