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‘All-Inclusive Holidays’ may not Always be a Good Choice

all inclusive holiday packages
  The pound is pretty weak against competing currencies such as the Euro right now, which is causing concern for holidaymakers. More and more Brits are opting for ‘staycations’  within these shores, but let’s be honest – you deserve some sunshine this summer. While the unpredictable nature of the British climate can be charming and provides a never-ending supply of small talk with strangers, the temptation to jet off to warmer climes is ever-present.This begs the question as to how Read more

Is Travelling in ‘Luxury’ Really Worth the Extra Money?

Travel business class - is it really worth the extra money?
Do you turn left or right when you board your flight? If you are turning left, it would mean you are travelling business/club/premium class, or whatever relevant name the airline gives this ‘more luxurious’ class. Forgetting 1st Class, is it really worth the extra money for, on close examination, very little extra for double, treble or quadruple the fare paid for the proverbial ‘back of the bus’? Perhaps for the business traveller, who is travelling on company time and money it may be, but Read more