Planning Your Dream Wedding Abroad? Read this first!

Whether you’ve set your heart on being wed at a fairy-tale Italian castle or during a sun drenched beach ceremony in Ibiza – getting married abroad is one of the most romantic choices you can make.

Your big day deserves to be perfect. So don’t let money hassles get in the way of an event to remember. By transferring currency rather than taking it abroad in cash, there’s no worries about it being lost or stolen. And if you bypass the banks you could get a great exchange rate and pay zero fees on your foreign transfers too.


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At our experts will make sure you get the best possible deal on the market and take the stress and hassle out of transferring currency online.So when you’re securing the venue, contracting the caterers or choosing the cake, you know you’re getting the best possible value for money.

How to beat the banks

When planning an overseas wedding most people choose banks when transferring cash. And why not? It’s a safe, traditional route – and far easier than taking currency with you, which could be stolen or mislaid. But the truth is you might not be getting the best return on your time or your money.

How you could lose out

Unfortunately, there’s plenty that could go wrong if you rely on banks to transfer your cash abroad:
  • Sky-high charges for moving your money can eat into your available cash. Transfer fees of between £17 - £30 each time can soon build up– and make even relatively small transfers expensive.
  • Poor exchange rates from UK-based or foreign banks can slash your funds at a stroke with margins as high as 5%.
  • Exchange rates fluctuate – which means the cost may increase in the time between agreeing to all the wedding particulars and coming to pay for everything.
  • Arranging a transfer with your bank on the phone or at a branch, can be time-consuming and a lot of hassle. Especially when your to-do list is already full of essential wedding tasks.
  • Delays can happen – which could mean missing out on your dream venue, or cause unnecessary stress with contractors leading up to your big day.
How we can help

At we believe there’s a better way to transfer money abroad. With our expert market knowledge we’ll connect you to trusted currency specialists who can beat the banks’ charges and offer you a great exchange rate every time. Since 2006 we’ve helped thousands of people just like you save over £6 million on currency deals. So imagine how we could help you make your big day even more special.

Check out our comparison rates and find the best rates.

Look at our case study to see how you could save:

Case study: Sun, sea and a truly special day

Nick and Sarah Myerson met in their twenties while out clubbing in Ibiza. So when the time came for them to tie the knot it was natural they wanted to spend their big day back in the Balearics.

The wedding was a dream to organise apart from one thing – securing the caterers and the venue overseas. When the couple looked at how much the banks were charging, they realised that they might have to scale back. That’s where we came in. Sarah found us on the internet and quickly saw how we could take the worry and expense out of making payments abroad.

After searching through the carefully selected currency brokers on our site they decided to go with one of them.

Not only did they save over £600 on the cost of sending various transfers totalling €18,000 to Ibiza – they also avoided paying the £30 transfer fee a bank would normally charge. They were also able to remove the risk of currency fluctuations by securing the best Euro exchange rate against future payments a couple of months ahead. This was news worth celebrating. And it meant that the couple could boost their budget to include the finishing touches that transform a wedding into something truly magical.

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