Are you a Charity that Needs to Transfer Money Overseas?
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Today’s charities think global and act local. So while you’re focused on raising money in the UK, you know that this cash will go to help beneficiaries, or support other parts of your operation, all over the world.

But sadly, all too often the process of transferring money abroad could actually be losing money for your charity. This is because most organisations rely on banks to make their currency transfers. And yet, any expert will tell you that banks charge some of the highest transfer fees and offer the poorest exchange rates.


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That’s where we can help.

Using an experienced currency broker can save you money and hassle every time you make a transfer. That’s because they offer competitive exchange rates and low (sometime even no) fees. They also make it simple and stress-free to transfer currency online at the click of a mouse. At our experts have scoured the web and utilised industry expertise to bring you the very best currency brokers.

So, by using our site you can be safe in the knowledge that more of the money you raise reaches the people that need it most – wherever they live.

Your service users should benefit, not the banks

Banks are still the main method most charities and not-for-profits use to transfer currency. And they often play on this fact as an excuse to offer terrible deals and painful customer service. Worst of all, your bank pockets a large percentage of the cash meant for your beneficiaries overseas. If you look at your bank statement, you’ll discover transfer fees of £20 to £30 are common. And if you search our site you’ll soon find a whole host of currency brokers offering better exchange rates. Charities sometimes accept this because they believe it’s easy to transfer money with banks. But is it really so simple?

Everyone knows that organising transfers online or by phone is a hassle when you have to remember complicated passwords and provide obscure overseas account details. Banks can be slow too – over transfers which could literally be life and death for someone in need on the other side of the globe.

A better way to transfer currency

Luckily, there is a smarter way. By using a trusted currency broker you can secure bank-beating exchange rates, low transfer fees and amazing customer service.

Currency brokers can provide:

1. Fast payments. Your beneficiaries and projects will receive funds quickly and efficiently – from same day to four working days.

2. A money-saving service. Banks offer exchange rates of up to 5% and high fees. Currency brokers can give you zero fees and an exchange rate less than 1% away from the headline exchange rate. Who can beat that?

3.Easy online transactions. Features like rate alerts give you total control over transfers, while payments by debit card or bank transfer on large sums make management incredibly simple.

4. 24/7 online service. Most of our currency brokers provide online access anytime of the day so you can check the status of a transfer, view your transaction history and manage recipients. In some cases you will also be able to book transactions out of normal UK office hours subject to the currency markets being open and broker trading hours.

5.Expert advice. Currency brokers can tell you how to boost your transfers through ‘forward contracts’ – a clever way to fix exchange rates up to three years in advance, and so avoid fluctuations.

6. Help when you need it. The currency brokers on our site aren’t faceless internet companies – they’re real experts who are happy to offer a dedicated personal service by phone and online.

7. Free payment confirmations. They’ll always let your overseas offices know that the cash is on its way – for no extra charge.

Look at our case study to see how you could save:

Case study: How we helped one charity educate more children in India
Lauren Parker is a financial officer at a charity dedicated to funding new schools in India. To help fulfil its aims, every month she oversees a transfer of £5,000 in rupees to Indian projects. However, when she looked hard at the charity’s bank statements Lauren was disgusted to find that they were being charged £25 on every overseas transaction – alongside a very poor Indian Rupee exchange rate.

She was also deeply frustrated by how slow the transactions turned out to be, with some payments taking up to a week to arrive in an Indian bank account. With this in mind Lauren asked staff to recommend some alternative ways to transfer money. After some research on Google, one of her interns came across and found their information and advice on using a currency broker incredibly useful. The intern told Lauren how paying by direct debit made transfers easier and how the exchange rate she found on the site was much higher than the banks’ – saving £200 on every £5,000 they transferred to India.

More money, less hassle

Lauren searched for a trusted currency broker on the site and was delighted by their service. The benefits were immediately clear. Money arrived in India much faster than before and she found transfers quicker and easier to maintain. Best of all, the charity were getting more for their money. Which means more funds, more schools and whole communities full of happier children.

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